Continent- Asia

Region – Central Asia

Size – 448,978 km2

Geography – Doubly landlocked, consists of endorheic basins, deserts, mountains

Language- Uzbek (Official language), Karakalpak (recognized regional language)

Religion- 90% Muslims, 5% follows Russian Orthodox Christianity, 5% follows other religions

Monetary Unit- Uzbekistan som (UZS)

Natural Resources- Petroleum, natural gas, silver, uranium, gold, molybdenum, tungsten, coal, copper, lead, uranium, zinc, copper

Agriculture- cotton, grains (primarily wheat, corn, barley, oats, and rice), fodder crops, potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, and apples

Industry- Extraction of natural gas and oil, oil refining, mining and mineral processing, coal mining, machine building, especially equipment for cotton cultivation and the textile industry, and the ferrous metallurgy, chemical, and electrical power industries.

Neighboring Countries – Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan

Population –31,576,400 (2016 estimate)

Population Growth Rate- 1.6%

Average Life Expectancy – 68.10 years

Capital City – Tashkent (population 2.137 million)

Highest Mountain – Khazret Sultan (4643 m)

Yearly Rainfall – 100 to 200 mm (average)

Plant Life – More than 3,700 species of plants including onion, tulips, rhubarb, irises, almond-tree, kurchava, cherry grove, maple, hawthorn,  wild apple-trees, pistachio-tree, walnut-tree, birch, willow, poplar, unique bushes, diverse types of grasses

Animal Life- Wolf, hedgehog, vixen, hare, tortoise, saygak, wild boar, spiral horny billy-goat, mountain sheep, badger, stone marten, bear, snow leopard, ermine, Siberian mountain billy-goat, lamellitoothed rat,  Bukharan deer, sharp-eared night gopher, jerboa, reptiles

Bird Life – 368 species of birds including pretty bustard, dun goatsucker, jay, shrike, mountain finch, bunting, lentil, grand turtle-dove, black griffon, lammergeyer, bearded vulture, jackdow, pheasant, cuckoo, yellow wagtail,  magpie, black crow, southern nightingale, whiskered tomtit, cane bunting.

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