Also called Jackrabbits, hares are classified into the same family as rabbits, and are classified into 32 species.

Scientific Name – Lepus timidus

Classification – Lepus

Gender Names – Male – buck; Female – doe; Baby – leveret

Collective Noun – Down, husk, warren

Length/Size – 36-71cm (14-28in)

Weight – 1-5.5kg (3-12lbs)

Top Speed – 72km/h (45mph)

Life Expectancy – more than 3 years; up to 8 in captivity

Mating Season  March to August

Gestation Period – Varies between species

Special Features  Varies between species

Social Structure – Typically solitary creatures except during respective mating seasons when they form pairs

Geographical Distribution – Africa, Eurasia, North America, and the Japanese archipelago

Natural Habitat – Dense vegetation and open fields

Diet – Grass, Fruit, Seeds

Predators – Owl, Hawk, Coyote