Hedgehog is the generic name of any of the spiny mammals, along with 17 species, that belong to the subfamily Erinaceinae.

Scientific Name Erinaceinae

Classification – Erinaceinae

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – hoglet, piglet, pup

Collective Noun – Array

Length/Size – 16-35cm (6-14in)

Weight – 1-2kg (2.2-4.4lbs)

Top Speed – 19km/h (12mph)

Life Expectancy – 2-5 years; up to 6 in captivity

Gestation Period – 4.5 weeks

Special Features  Able to roll into a spiky ball when frightened

Social Structure – Varies between species

Geographical Distribution – 5 genera distributed throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand

Natural Habitat – Hedgerows, woodlands, meadows, sub-urban gardens

World Population – 1.55 million (incomplete 1995 survey)

Diet – Insects, Worms, Seeds

Predators – Owl, Dog, Foxes