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Continent Europe

Region – Western Europe

Size – 70,273 km²

Geography – mostly flat plains, western hills, mountains and cliffs

Language – English, Irish (Gaelic)

Religion – Roman Catholic 87.4%, Church of Ireland 2.9%, Other Christian 1.9%, other beliefs 3.6%, none 4.2%

Monetary Unit – Euro

   Natural Resources – natural gas, peat, copper, lead, zinc, silver, barite, gypsum, limestone, dolomite

Agriculture – beef, dairy products, barley, potatoes, wheat

Industry – pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computer hardware and software, food products, beverages and brewing

Ireland Map

Neighbouring Countries – Northern Ireland (UK)

Population –  4,832,765 (2014 estimate)

Population Growth Rate – 1.2%

Average Life Expectancy – 80.56

Capital City – Dublin (1,804,156)

Highest Mountain – Carrauntoohil (1,041m)

Longest River – Shannon (386 km)

Climate – Temperate, mild winters 0°C to 9°C, cool summers 10°C to 19°C,

Yearly Rainfall – 73 cm (approx)

Plant Life – oak, ash, wych elm, birch, and yew trees, grasses, gorse

Animal Lifehedgehog, red fox, badger, Irish hare, red deer, pine marten, horse, dog, cows, rat

Bird Life – swans, geese, waders, duck, tern, gulls

Fish Life – trout, pike, salmon, pollen


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