Lynx is the generic name of any of the four species of the genus of medium-sized wild cats (including the bobcat).

Scientific Name – Lynx lynx

Classification – Lynx

Gender Names – Male – tomcat; Female – queen; Baby – kitten

Length/Size – 0-8-1.3m (31.5-52in)

Weight – 10-25kg (22-55lbs)

Top Speed – 80km/h (50mph)

Life Expectancy – 12-20 years

Mating Season  Varies between species

Gestation Period – Varies between species

Special Features  Ears have long tufts, while the tail is short

Social Structure – Lives a solitary life (behavioral structure varies)

Geographical Distribution – Varies between species

Natural Habitat – Secluded forests and mountainous regions

World Population – Varies between species

Diet – Hare, Birds, Deer

Predators – Wolf, Coyote, Human, Cougar