Bobcat Pictures

Scientific Name Lynx rufus

Classification – Lynx

Gender Names – Male – Tom; Female – Queen; Baby – Kitten

Collective Noun – Clutter, clowder, pounce, embarrassment (young), kindle (young)

Length/Size – 65cm – 100cm (25in – 40in)

Weight – 4.1kg – 15.3g (9lbs – 33lbs)

Top Speed – 55kph (34mph)

Life Expectancy – 7-10 years; recorded age in captivity is 32

Mating Season  February and March

Pregnancy – 60 to 70 days

Special Features  Short tufts of hair on the ears; the tail is naturally bobbed

Social Structure – Largely solitary, though ranges often overlap; 2 or more females sometimes reside in a male’s territory

Geographical Distribution – South Canada to central Mexico, including most of the continental United States

Natural Habitat – Deciduous, coniferous, or mixed woodlands

World Population – Approx. 725,000 to 1,020,000 (wild)

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Rabbits, Mice, Deer

Predators – Cougar, Wolves, Coyotes