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Continent North America

Region – Central America

Size – 22,966 km²

Geography – Mostly flat with low mountains in the south

Language – Spanish, Creole, Mayan, English, Garifuna, German

Religion – 49.6%  Roman Catholic, 27% Protestant, 14% other, 9.4% none

Monetary Unit – Dollar

Natural Resources – arable land potential, timber, fish

Agriculture – bananas, cacao, citrus, sugar; fish, cultured shrimp; lumber; garments

Industry – garment production, food processing, tourism, construction, oil

Belize Map

Neighbouring CountriesMexico, Guatemala

Population – 340,844 (2014)

Population Growth Rate – 2.25%

Average Life Expectancy – 68.25

Capital City – Belmopan (population 16,451)

Most Populated City – Belize City (population 57,169)

Highest Mountain – Victoria Peak (1,160 m)

Longest River – Scheldt (200 km )

Climate – Constant hot humid temperatures all year 19°C to 31°C

Yearly Rainfall – 180 cm approx mostly in the rainy season May to December


Plant Life – 700+ species of trees including mahogany, chicle, cashew, coconut, custard apple, guava, mango and papaya, banana, pineapple, 4000+ native plant species including orchid, didcot

Animal Lifejaguar, ocelot, puma, baboon, tapir, manatee, deer, turtle, snake, lizard, crocodile

Aquatic Life – dolphin, sea turtles

Bird Life – wood stork, great and cattle egrets, boat-billed and tricoloured heron, reddish egret and white ibis, frigatebird, anhingas

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