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Continent North America

Region – Caribbean

Size – 431 km²

Geography – Mostly flat central highland region

Language – English

Religion – 67% Protestant, 17% no religion, 4% Roman Catholic, 12% other

Monetary Unit – Barbadian dollar
Natural Resources
– petroleum, fish, natural gas

Agriculture – sugarcane, vegetables, cotton

Industry – tourism, sugar, light manufacturing, component assembly for export

Barbados Map

Neighbouring Countries – None island

Population – 289,680 (2014)

Population Growth Rate – 0.3%

Average Life Expectancy – 73

Capital City – Bridgetown (population 110,000)

Highest Mountain – No mountains – highest point Mount Hillaby (336 m)

Longest River – No major rivers

Climate – Constant temperatures year round 21°C to 31°C

Yearly Rainfall – 130 cm approx mostly during hurricane season – July to November


Plant Life – Palm, casuarina, mahogany, almond, sugar cane, wild rose, carnation, lily, cactus

Animal Lifehare, monkey, mongoose, tree frog

Bird Life – finch, blackbird, and moustache bird

Aquatic Life – whale, dolphin, sea turtle, lobster, crab, prawn, oyster, snapper, marlin, sailfish, tuna, coral


Harvard Reference for this page:

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