The 29 out of 34 members of the mammal species in the 14 genera of the family ‘Herpestidae’ is known as Mongoose.

Scientific Name – Herpestes

Classification – Herpestidae

Collective Noun – Pack, mob

Length/Size – 18-120cm (7-47in)

Weight – 0.3-4kg (0.7-8.8lbs)

Top Speed – 32km/h (20mph)

Life Expectancy – 10-15 years (varies between subspecies)

Mating Season  (varies between subspecies)

Gestation Period – 60–70 days

Special Features  Mostly immune to snake venom; Long, bushy tail, has a docile temperament

Social Structure – Highly social animals living in groups of 6 to 40 individuals

Geographical Distribution – Across parts of the continents of Africa and Asia (varies between subspecies)

Natural Habitat – Open forests and grass plains

Diet – Rats, Eggs, Insects, Snakes

Predators – Hawks, Snakes, Jackal