Continent- Africa

Region – West Africa

Size – 56,785 km2

Geography – Contain savanna, hills, lagoons and marshes

Language- French

Religion- 29% Christian, 20% Muslim, 51% follow other local religions

Monetary Unit- CFA franc

Natural Resources- Phosphates, marble, limestone, arable land

Agriculture- Cotton, corns, beans, cocoa, cassava, rice, millet, yams, sorghum, livestock

Industry- Phosphate mining, cement, handicrafts, agricultural processing, textiles, beverages

Neighboring Countries – Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso

Population – 7,552,318 (2015 estimate)

Population Growth Rate- 2.6%

Average Life Expectancy – 56.15 years

Capital City – Lomé

Highest Mountain – Mount Agou

Yearly Rainfall – About 150 cm in the hills of the west, 100 cm north of the Togo Mountains, 78 cm in the coast

Plant Life – Savanna type vegetation, mangrove swamps, reed swamps

Animal Life- Lions, elephants, leopards, monkeys, snakes, lizards, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, buffaloes, warthogs, , deer, asses, antelopes, gazelles, cheetah, African golden cat, wild dogs, African manatee, chimpanzee

Bird Life – duck, geese, swans, flamingos, ibis, storks, Grebes, Pelicans, Boobies, Gannets, herons, egrets

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