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Continent- Africa

Region – Southern Africa

Size – 17,364 km2

Geography – Landlocked, consists of mountains, savannas, rain forest and several rivers

Language-Swazi, English


Religion- 83% Christianity, 15% follows traditional religions, 1% Islam , 0.5% Baha’i Faith, 0.2% Hinduism

Monetary Unit- South African rand and Swazi lilangeni (SZL)

Natural Resources- Coal, clay, hydropower, asbestos, cassiterite, forests, quarry, stone, small gold and diamond deposits and talc

Agriculture- Sugar, maize, citrus fruit and other crops

Industry- Coal, wood pulp, soft drink concentrates, sugar, apparel and textiles

Neighboring Countries – Mozambique, South Africa

Population – 1,119,000 (2015 estimate)

Population Growth Rate- 1.5%

Average Life Expectancy – 48.85 years

Capital City – Lobamba (royal / legislative), Mbabane (administrative)

Highest Mountain – Emlembe

Yearly Rainfall – 140 cm in high veld, 85 cm in middle veld, 60 cm in the low veld

Plant Life – More than 3500 indigenous species of plants including aloes, orchids and begonias

Animal Life- Rhinos, giraffes, elephants, lions, leopard, cats, jackal, hyena, mongoose, hippopotamus, buffalo, zebra, antelope, monkeys , baboons, crocodiles

Bird Life – Cape Teal, Red-billed Duck, African Black Duck, Southern Pochard, European stork, sacred ibis, gray heron

Aquatic Life- 58 freshwater fish species

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