British Virgin Islands

Continent- North America

Region – Caribbean

Size – 153km2

Geography – Consists of mostly flat coral islands and hilly, rugged volcanic islands

Language- English

Religion- More than 90% are Christians, with Muslims and Hindus each comprises around 1.2%

Monetary Unit- United States dollar (USD)

Natural Resources- Negligible with small percentage of arable land and tropical fishes

Agriculture- Fruits, vegetables, poultry, livestock, fish

Industry- Tourism, construction, light industry, rum, concrete block, offshore financial center

Neighboring Countries – None (island territory)

Population – 28,054 (2010 census)

Population Growth Rate- 2.36%

Average Life Expectancy – 78.46 years

Capital City – Road Town

Highest Mountain – Highest point: Mount Sage (530 m)

Yearly Rainfall – 1150 mm (average) with more in the hills and less on the coast

Plant Life – Golden apples, papaya, avocado, breadfruit, mango, coconut

Animal Life- Bats, Iguana, crabs, lizards, frogs, mongoose, donkey, goat, deer

Bird Life – 171 species including pelicans, sea gull, hummingbird, bananaquits, herons, egrets, doves

Aquatic Life- Variety of fishes, turtles, whales, sharks, dolphins

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