Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo

Native to Asia, the Water Buffalo is a species of mostly domesticated buffalos that are reared mostly for milk and meat. They are a different species from the endangered Wild Water Buffalo found in Southeast Asia.

Scientific Name Bubalusbubalis

Classification – Bubalus

Gender Names – Male – bull; Female – cow; Baby – calf

Collective Noun – Gang, herd, obstinacy

Length/Size – 2-3m (6.6-9.8ft)

Weight – 400-900kg (880-2,000lbs)

Top Speed – 48km/h (30mph)

Life Expectancy – 15-25years

Mating Season  October to November

Gestation Period – 281 – 334days

Special Features  Wallow in water holes and ponds (from which they get their name)

Social Structure – Live in small herds

Geographical Distribution – Native to Asia but introduced to Europe, Australia, South America and a few other African countries

World Population – At least 130 million (domestic)

Diet – Grass, Leaves, Aquatic plants

Predators – Human, Wild cats, Crocodile