The orangutans are great apes that are exclusively Asian, and are divided into two subspecies. An estimated of 5,000 of these animals are killed every year.

Scientific Name – Pongo borneo

Classification – Pongo

Gender Names – Male – male; Female – female; Baby – baby

Collective Noun – shrewdness

Length/Size – 1.25m – 1.5m (4ft – 5ft)

Weight – 30kg – 90kg (66lbs – 200lbs)

Top Speed – 6kph (2.7mph)

Life Expectancy – 30 – 40 years; up to 50 in captivity

Gestation Period – 9 months

Special Features  Covered with red hair, while the arms are than the legs

Social Structure – Lives a solitary life

Geographical Distribution – Actually native to Indonesia and Malaysia, but are currently found in only Borneo and Sumatra

Natural Habitat – Rainforests

World Population and Conservation Status – Bornean orangutan: 45,000-69,000 (Endangered); Sumatran orangutan: about 7,500 (Critically Endangered)

Diet – Over 300 kinds of fruit; also bark, leaves, flowers, and a variety of insects

Predators – Human, Tiger, Clouded Leopard