Mouse Lemur

Mouse Lemur

Mouse Lemurs, with all their 24 species, live in the dense forests of the Madagascar. These are nocturnal creatures with very little information about their lifestyle.

Scientific Name – Microcebus

Classification – Microcebus

Gender Names – Male – dictator; Female – princess; Baby – pup, infant

Collective Noun – Plot, congress, conspiracy, troop

Length/Size – Greatly varies between 24 species

Weight – Greatly varies between 24 species

Top Speed – 32km/h (20mph)

Life Expectancy – Not known; up to about 18 years in captivity

Mating Season  Greatly varies between 24 species

Special Features  Testicles in males increase to up to 130% during mating season; brain size is the smallest among all primates

Gestation Period – Roughly 2 months

Social Structure – Nothing much is known; lives solitary life

Geographical Distribution – Madagascar

Natural Habitat – Dense forest

Diet – Insects, Fruits, Flowers

Predators – Owls, Snakes, Fossa