Though the kinkajou resembles ferrets or monkeys, they are not closely related to either. Rather, these mammals are related to raccoons, olingos, coatis, the ringtail and cacomistle.

Scientific Name Potos flavus

Classification – Potos

Gender Names – Male – male; Female – female; Baby – infant

Length/Size – 40–60 cm (16–24 in)

Weight – 1.4–4.6 kg (3–10 lb)

Life Expectancy – 23 years; up to 40 in captivity

Gestation Period – 112 – 118days

Special Features  Seldom seen by people because of its strict nocturnal habits

Social Structure – A typical kinkajou social group consists of two males, a female, and their offspring

Geographical Distribution – Central America and South America

Natural Habitat – Closed-canopy tropical forests like secondary forest, montane forest, dry forest, lowland rainforest, and gallery forest

Diet – Mainly fresh fruits and vegetables

Predators – Diurnal birds of prey, foxes, tayras, jaguarundi, jaguarocelot, margay and human