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Continent Asia

Region – South-east Asia

Size – 5,770 km²

Geography – Coastal region flat, mountainous east, hilly west

Language – Malay (official), English, Chinese

Religion – 67%  Islam, 13% Buddhist, 10% Christian

Monetary Unit – Brunei dollar

Natural Resources – petroleum, natural gas, timber

Agriculture – rice, vegetables, fruits; chickens, water buffalo, cattle, goats, eggs

Industry – petroleum, petroleum refining, liquefied natural gas, construction

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Neighbouring CountriesMalaysia

Population – 422,675 (2014 estimate)

Population Growth Rate – 1.81%

Average Life Expectancy – 75.3

Capital City – Bandar Seri Begawan (population 200,000)

Highest Mountain – Bukit Pagon (1,850 m)

Longest River – Belait

Climate – Tropical – 24°C to 32°C

Yearly Rainfall – 350cm (approx)


Plant Life – Mangrove and peat swamp, heath, dipterocarpaceous forest

Animal Life – Buffalo, honey bear, deer, and monkeys.


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