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Continent Europe

Region – Western Europe

Size – 468 km²

Geography – Mountainous

Language – Catalan, Spanish, French

Religion – Roman Catholic

Monetary Unit – Euro


Natural Resources – Timber, mineral water, iron ore, lead

Agriculture – small quantities of rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables, sheep

Industry – tourism (particularly skiing), cattle raising, timber, banking, tobacco, furniture

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Neighbouring CountriesFrance, Spain

Population – 85,458 (2014)

Population Growth Rate – 0.8%

Average Life Expectancy – 83.5

Capital City Andorra la Valla (population 22,256)

Highest Mountain – Cona Pedrosa (2,946 m)

Longest River – Valira (679 km)

Climate – Warm summers  6° C to 14° C and  cold snowy winters -1° C to 8° C

Yearly Rainfall – 80 cm approx


Plant Life – Pine, fir, oak, alpine plants, carnations, violets, bellflowers, daisies, blackberries, wild strawberries, moss

Animal Life – Bear, wolf, fox, marten, Pyrenean chamois, rabbit, hare

Bird Life – eagle, vulture, wild duck, and goose

Aquatic Life – trout, brochet, and crayfish

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