Wildebeest is an antelope that are spread in different parts in the continent of Africa. They have two different species, the Black Wildebeest and the Blue Wildebeest (or, the Common Wildebeest).

Scientific Name Connochaetes

Classification – Alcelaphinae

Gender Names – Male – buck; Female – doe; Baby – calf

Collective Noun – Herd

Length/Size – 1.2-1.4m (3.9-4.5ft)

Weight – 120-250kg (265-550lbs)

Top Speed – 61km/h (38mph)

Life Expectancy – 15-20years; up to 21 in captivity

Mating Season  Rainy season

Gestation Period – 243 – 274 days

Special Features  They can trek more than 1000 miles every year

Social Structure – They live in large herds so as to stampede predators and intimidate them

Geographical Distribution – Black wildebeests are found in southernmost part of Africa while the blue variety is common in eastern and southern Africa

Natural Habitat – Found in large plains on the African savannaand open woodlands

World Population – Around 1,500,000

Diet – Grass, Leaves, Shoots

Predators – Lion, Cheetah, Crocodile