Continent- Asia

Region – Southeast Asia

Size – 332,698 km2

Geography – Consist of mountains, tropical forests

Language- Vietnamese

Religion- 16.4% Buddhism, 8.2% Christianity, 45.3% follows indigenous religions,  0.4% follows other faiths, and 29.6% do not follow any religion

Monetary Unit- đồng (VND)

Natural Resources- Coal, phosphates, rare earth elements, bauxite, chromate, gold, iron, petroleum, manganese, copper, zinc, silver, offshore oil and gas deposits, timber, hydropower

Agriculture- Rice, coffee, peanuts, rubber, cotton, sugarcane, and tea

Industry- Furniture, ICT, software, handicraft, textile, footwear, wood, metal, plastics, tourism,  SMEs.

Neighboring Countries – China, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia

Population – 91,700,000 (2015 estimate)

Population Growth Rate- 1%

Average Life Expectancy – 73.16 years

Capital City – Hanoi (population 7.7 million)

Highest Mountain – Mt Fansipan (3,143 m)

Yearly Rainfall – 1821 mm (average)

Plant Life – Bananas, coconuts, papaya, bamboo, mangroves, rhododendrons, bamboos, orchids, pines, timber

Animal Life– Elephants, bears, Indochinese tigers and Indochinese leopards, monkeys, bats, flying squirrels, turtles, otters, crocodiles, snakes and lizards

Bird Life –889 species of birds including white-winged wood duck, white-shouldered ibis, Indian vulture, Bengal florican

Aquatic Life- Around 2000 species of marine fish

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