Navassa Islands

Continent – North America

Region – Caribbean

Size – 5.4km2

Geography – Small island, the terrain comprises mainly of exposed coral and limestone

Natural Resources – Guano

Agriculture – None

Industry – None

Neighboring Countries – None (island territory)

Population – uninhabited

Capital City – None

Highest Mountain – Highest point: Dunning Hill (77m)

Plant Life – Grassland, fig-like trees, pigeon plum, mastic, poisonwood, scattered cactus

Animal Life – Lizards, goats, spiders, insects, feral cats, dogs, pigs

Bird Life – 58 species of birds including white-necked crow, white-crowned pigeon, seabirds, frigate birds, red-footed boobies,

Aquatic Life – Marine fishes include flagfin, stargazer, gillellus inescatus, evermannichthys bicolor,  whitesaddle blenny, starksia leucovitta, acanthemblemaria harpeza

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