Continent- North America

Region – Caribbean

Size – 91 km2

Geography – Consists of small islands and cays

Language- English

Religion- Christianity is the dominant religion with 29% Anglicanism, 23.9% Methodist; other churches include Seventh-day Adventist, Baptist, Roman Catholic and small percentages of population following other faiths

Monetary Unit- East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Natural Resources- Salt, fish, lobster

Agriculture- Small quantities of tobacco, vegetables, and cattle raising.

Industry- Tourism, boat building, offshore financial services

Neighboring Countries – None (island)

Population – 13,452 (2011 census)

Population Growth Rate- 1.53%

Average Life Expectancy – 81.31 years

Capital City – The Valley

Highest Mountain – Highest point: Crocus Hill (65 m)

Yearly Rainfall – 1017mm (average)

Plant Life – Cashew nut, Cherries, Bread fruits, papayas, Tamarind, Corn

Animal Life- Goats, lizards, crabs

Bird Life – 135 species of birds including mangrove cuckoo, pelicans, sanderlings, turnstones, royal terns

Aquatic Life- Varieties of fishes, sea turtles, nurse sharks

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