Rough Skinned Newt

Rough Skinned Newt

Scientific Name – Taricha granulosa

Classification – Salamandridae

Baby Name – Eft

Collective Noun – There is no collective noun for newts, but it can be called a band

Average Length – 6 to 9 cm (snout to vent length); 11 to 18 cm (total length)

Speed – Fast moving

Life Expectancy – Around 18 years

Breeding Season – At high elevations, reproductive activity occurs during late summer and early fall whereas at lower elevations it occurs during spring

Incubation Period – 3 to 4 weeks

Special Features – Stocky with rounded snout; have a granular skin, but is smooth-skinned during the breeding season

Family Unit – Solitary except during mating

Geographical Distribution – North America

World Population – Unknown, but considered to be stable

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Under rocks or logs in grassland, woodlands and forests; also found in ponds, lakes, slow-moving streams

Diet – Snails, insects, other amphibians

Predators – Garter snakes