Mountain Dusky Salamander

Mountain Dusky Salamander

Scientific Name – Desmognathus ochrophaeus

Classification – Plethodontidae

Baby Name – Efts

Collective Noun – Congress, band or maelstrom

Average Length – Around 10 cm

Average Weight – Around 0.6 g

 Speed – Can move fast

Life Expectancy – 5.3 years in captivity

Breeding Season – Spring and fall

Incubation Period – Around 3 months

Special Features – Brownish in color with a light stripe down the back and a row of dark spots on the centre; dark pigments on the sides; devoid of lungs; hind legs are larger and muscular than the front legs

Family Unit – Solitary except during courtship and mating

Geographical Distribution – The United States, Canada

World Population – Unknown, but estimated to exceed 1,00,000

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Temperate forests, rivers, intermittent rivers, freshwater springs, rocky areas

Diet – Earthworms, spiders, beetles, dragonflies, mites, millipedes

Predators – Snakes, birds, small rodents, other mammals