Luristan Newt

Luristan Newt

The Luristan Newtsare vibrantly-colored reptiles from Iran, and are known to exist in only four water streams. A ‘vulnerable’ species, these salamanders have a highly-declining population.

Scientific Name Neurerguskaiseri

Classification – Neurergus

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – eft

Collective Noun – Herd, congress

Length/Size – 10-14 cm

Life Expectancy – Not been studied

Special Features  The entire body is pink to pinkish peach, covered with 2 lines of dark patches with white spots on them

Geographical Distribution – Only in the south of the Zagros Mountains in Iran

Natural Habitat – Shallow running streams

World Population – Fewer than 1,000 mature individuals (estimated)

Conservation Status –Vulnerable

Diet – Aquatic insects, worms and other invertebrates