Jefferson Salamander

Jefferson Salamander

Scientific Name – Ambystoma jeffersonianum

Classification – Ambystomatidae

Baby Name – Efts

Collective Noun – Congress, band or maelstrom

Average Length – 11 – 18 cm

 Speed – Can move fast

Life Expectancy – 6 years or more

Mating Season – Early spring

Incubation Period – Around 15 days

Special Features – Slender with a broad nose and distinctive long toes

Family Unit – Normally solitary; male and female groups meet only during the breeding season

Geographical Distribution – North America

World Population – Unknown; estimated to be more than 10,000

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Under stones, logs, in leaf litter or in other underbrush in deciduous forests

Diet – Many types of small invertebrates

Predators – Birds, snakes, fish, mammals