Italian Crested Newt

Italian Crested Newt

As the very name suggests, the Italian Crested Newts are found in Italy. It is relatively larger than many other species, and has a subspecies of its own. It is one of the four crested newt species.

Scientific Name Triturus Carnifex

Classification – Triturus

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – eft

Collective Noun – Herd, congress

Length/Size – Females up to 180 mm and males up to 150 mm

Life Expectancy – Up to 11 years in the wild

Special Features  Has a crest like structure at the back of the head

Geographical Distribution – Parts of the Balkans and Italy

Natural Habitat – Swamps and marshy forests with dense vegetation

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Tadpoles, small fishes, worms, aquatic insects

Predators – Water birds, aquatic snakes