Four Toed Salamander


Four Toed Salamander

Scientific Name – Hemidactylium scutatum

Classification – Carnivore

Baby Name – Efts

Collective Noun – Congress, band or maelstrom

Average Length – Up to 10 cm

 Speed – Have lizard like speed

Life Expectancy – Females live for 5.5 years in captivity

Mating Season – Fall

Incubation Period – 4 to 6 weeks

Special Features – Lungless species; its posterior limbs have four toes

Family Unit – Engage in solitary or joint nesting; in communal nesting one female brood the eggs of other females of the same species

Geographical Distribution – Eastern North America

World Population – Unknown; might exceed 1,00,000 as per estimation

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Sphagnum bogs, grassy areas near beaver ponds, deciduous or mixed forests with plenty of mosses

Diet – Spider, worms, ticks, springtails, ground beetles, other insects

Predators – Shrews, snakes, ground beetles