Coquíis a general name for 17 species of frogs found in Puerto Rico. It is a very common frog in its own region and gets its name from the long mating call it emits. This frog is the symbol of Puerto Rico.

Scientific Name – Eleutherodactylus

Classification – Leptodactylidae

Baby Names – Tadpole, polliwog, froglet

Collective Noun – Army, knot

Length/Size – Varies between species

Weight – Varies between species

Mating Season  Rainy season

Gestation Period – 17–26days

Geographical Distribution – Throughout Puerto Rico

Lifespan – Around one year

Natural Habitat – Forests, gardens, under rocks and logs

Diet – Mostly arthropods, but also small frogs and lizards

Predators – Giant crab spiders, snakes, and birds