Chinese Gliding Frog

Chinese Gliding Frog
The Chinese Gliding Frog, as the name suggests, is known for its ability to glide up fast through the branches of trees. They are found in the southern parts of Asia and are noted for their bright coloration.

Scientific Name Rhacophorus dennysi

Classification – Rhacophorus

Gender Names – Male – male; Female – female; Baby – tadpole

Collective Noun – Knot

Length/Size – Up to 10 cm (3.9 in)

Life Expectancy – 4-8 years

Mating Season  Rainy season

Special Features  Noted for their large green body

Geographical Distribution – China, Laos, Burma, and Vietnam

Natural Habitat – Marshy forests, ponds, irrigated land, rivers, ditches, swamps, freshwater marshes, and canals

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Smaller frogs, tadpoles, larvae, insects

Predators – Snakes, birds of prey, water birds