American Toad

American Toad

Scientific Name – Anaxyrus americanus

Classification – Bufonidae

Baby Name – Tadpole

Collective Noun – Knot, lump, nest, or knob

Average Length – 1.97 to 4.02 in

Life Expectancy – 1 to 10 years (in wild); up to 36 years (in captivity)

Breeding Season – January to July

Incubation Period – 3 to 12 days

Metamorphosis Period – Up to 2 months

Special Features – Stout body with short legs; thick, dry and warty skin; a swollen parotoid gland lies at the back of each eye

Family Unit – Solitary creature except during the breeding season

Geographical Distribution – North America

World Population – Stable

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Forests, gardens, agricultural fields, areas with dense vegetation and semi-permanent body of fresh water

Diet – Insects, other invertebrates like snails, slugs, beetles, and earthworms

Predators – Snakes, birds, raccoons