Warthogs are a type of wild pigs that live in the sub-Saharan Africa and are mostly herbivorous. They are divided into two species – the Common Warthog and the Desert Warthog.

Scientific Name – Phacochoerus

Classification – Phacochoerinae

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – shoat, farrow

Collective Noun – Sounders, drove, herd

Length/Size – 0.9-1.5m (3-5ft)

Weight – 50-150kg (110-330lbs)

Top Speed – 48km/h (30mph)

Life Expectancy – 12-18years

Mating Season – Beginning of the rainy season

Gestation Period – 152 – 183days

Special Features – Bear strong, curved tusks and a broad snout

Social Structure – Live in small family groups with one female and its young ones to whom the male warthog protects

Geographical Distribution – Sub-Saharan Africa

Natural Habitat – Open to semi-open and in arid habitats

World Population – Varies between species

Diet – Primarily herbivorous; Grasses, roots, bulbs, berries and other fruits, bark, fungi, and also insects, eggs and carrion

Predators – Lion, Hyena, Crocodile