Three-Toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloth

The Three-Toed Sloths are four species of South and Central American sloths that have been named thus for their three clawed toes on each limb.

Scientific Name Bradypustridactylus

Classification – Bradypus

Gender Names – Male – male; Female – female; Baby – baby

Collective Noun – Bed

Length/Size – 45 cm (18 in)

Weight – 3.5–4.5 kg (8–10 lb)

Top Speed – 0.15 mph

Life Expectancy – Varies among sloth species (usually between 25 and 30 years)

Mating Season  Varies among sloth species

Gestation Period – 6 months

Special Features  Adult sloths mark territories by anal scent glands and dung middens

Social Structure – Adults lives alone; females live with young ones until weaning

Geographical Distribution – Central and South America (depending upon sloth species)

Natural Habitat – On the treetop in the dense rainforests

World Population – Varies among species

Diet – Leaves, Buds, Fruit

Predators – Eagles, Snakes, Jaguar