Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Red-listed as ‘Critically Endangered’, the Sumatran Tiger is a rare subspecies of tigers that are indigenous to the island of Sumatra.

Scientific Name Pantheratigrissumatrae

Classification – Pantheratigris

Gender Names – Male – tiger; Female – tigress; Baby – cub, whelp

Collective Noun – Ambush, streak

Length/Size – 2m – 2.4m (6.5ft – 7.8ft)

Weight – 80kg – 150kg (176lbs – 330lbs)

Top Speed – 96km/h (60mph)

Life Expectancy – 18 – 25years

Mating Season  Any time of the year with November to April being the most common

Gestation Period – 3.5 months

Special Features  Relativelysmaller body

Social Structure – Leads solitary life

Geographical Distribution – Indonesian island of Sumatra

Natural Habitat – Wide range of habitats, from the coastal lowland forests to the mountain forests

World Population – Fewer than 400

Conservation Status –Critically Endangered

Diet – Deer, cattle, wild boar

Predators – Human