Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

An endangered tiger subspecies, the Siberian Tigers are found in a very small area of Russian Far East.

Scientific Name Panthera tigris altaica

Classification – Panthera tigris

Gender Names – Male – tiger; Female – tigress; Baby – cub, whelp

Collective Noun – Ambush, streak

Length/Size – 2.4m – 3.7m (7.8ft – 12ft)

Weight – 100kg – 350kg (220lbs – 770lbs)

Top Speed – 96km/h (60mph)

Life Expectancy – 10 – 15 years; up to 16-22 in captivity

Mating Season  Any time of the year

Gestation Period – 3-3.5 months

Special Features  Striped fur with a large powerful body

Social Structure – Lives a completely solitary life

Geographical Distribution – Mainly the Sikhote Alin mountain region with a small population in SW Primorye Province in the Russian Far East

Natural Habitat – Dense tropical forest

World Population – Around 540

Conservation Status – Endangered

Diet – Deer, Cattle, Wild Boar

Predators – Human