Right Whale

Right WhaleRight whales are three species of large baleen whales that are known for their huge size. they are found both in the Atlantic and the pacific oceans.

Scientific Name Balaena australis

Classification – Eubalaena

Gender Names – Male – bull; Female – cow; Baby – calf

Collective Noun – Gam, grind, herd, pod, school

Length/Size – 11–18 m (36–59 ft)

Weight – 60–80 short tons (54–73 t; 54–71 long tons)

Life Expectancy – Varies between subspecies

Mating Season  Varies between subspecies

Gestation Period – Varies between subspecies

Special Features  Have rotund bodies with arching rostrums, V-shaped blowholes and dark gray or black skin

Social Structure – Varies between subspecies

Geographical Distribution – The three species are found in three distinct areas of the globe: the North Atlantic in the western Atlantic Ocean, the North Pacific in a band from Japan to Alaska and all areas of the Southern Ocean

Conservation Status – Varies between subspecies

Diet – Zooplankton, krill etc.

Predators – No predators