Red Panda

Red Panda

The Red Panda is an endangered Asian panda with reddish to rusty brown fur, and is native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

Scientific Name – Ailurus fulgens

Classification – Ailurus

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – cub

Length/Size – 60cm – 120cm (24in – 47in)

Weight – 3kg – 6.2kg (7lbs – 14lbs)

Top Speed – 38kph (24mph)

Life Expectancy – 8 – 12 years

Mating Season  Late fall to winter

Gestation Period – 132 days

Special Features  Has a striped face

Social Structure – Solitary

Geographical Distribution – Eastern Himalayas and southwestern China

Natural Habitat – Rainy, high-altitude forest

World Population – Less than 3,000 left in the wild

Conservation Status – Endangered

Diet – Mostly bamboo (tender shoots and leaves)

Predators – Snow leopards, martens, birds of prey and small carnivores