Red Leaf Monkey

Red Leaf Monkey

The Red Leaf Monkey is a species of Asian red-coated arboreal primates found in the island of Borneo. They are protected by law throughout Malaysian Borneo.

Scientific Name – Presbytis rubicunda

Classification – Presbytis

Gender Names – Male – male; Female – female; Baby – infant

Collective Noun – Band

Length/Size – 16 to 22 in (41 to 57 cm)

Weight – 13 lbs (6 kg)

Special Features  Spend nearly all their time in the trees; they occasionally add minerals to their diet by eating dirt from a termite mound

Social Structure – Live in bands of 2 to 13 individuals, led by a dominant male

Geographical Distribution – Borneo

Natural Habitat – Forests with tall trees

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers