Giant River Otter

Giant River Otter

Giant otters AKA giant river otters are South American carnivorous mammals that are the longest members of the weasel family.

Scientific Name Pteronura brasiliensis

Classification – Pteronura

Gender Names – Male – Male; Female – Female; Baby – whelp, pup

Collective Noun – Family, raft, romp

Length/Size – 1 and 1.7 m (3.3 and 5.6 ft)

Weight – 22 and 32 kg (49 and 71 lb)

Top Speed – Up to 14.4 kph (9 mph)

Life Expectancy – 8 years; up to 17-19 in captivity

Mating Season  Starts around July

Gestation Period – 64 to 72 days

Special Features  It is the noisiest all the otter species

Social Structure – Highly social animal living in extended family groups of 2 to 20 members

Geographical Distribution – North-central South America, mostly in and along the Amazon River and in the Pantanal

Natural Habitat – Freshwater rivers and streams that generally flood seasonally; also stays in freshwater springs and permanent freshwater lakes

World Population – Currently unknown

Conservation Status –Endangered

Diet – Mainly fish, including cichlids, catfish, and characins (like piranha)

Predators – Very few, with jaguar being one of them