Cottontail Rabbit

Cottontail Rabbit

Scientific Name Lepus sylvaticus

Classification – Lepus

Gender Names – Male – buck; Female – doe; Baby –bunny, kitten, kit

Collective Noun – Colony, drove, leash, nest, trace, warren

Length/Size – 15.5 to 18.75 in (39.5 to 47.7 cm)

Weight – 28 to 54 oz (800 to 1533 g)

Top Speed – 30 mph

Life Expectancy – Less than 3 years; up to 8 in captivity

Mating Season  All seasons

Gestation Period – 28 or 29 days

Special Features  Stub tails with white undersides, resembling cotton, are present, giving them the name

Social Structure – Very social creatures and live in large groups

Geographical Distribution – Subspecies found in both North and South America

Natural Habitat – Open grassy areas, clearings, and old fields that support abundant green grasses, shrubs and herbs

Diet – Fruit, buds, flowers, grass seeds, bark, twigs, leaves, sedge fruits, and rush seeds

Predators – Domestic dogs, humans, snakes, coyotes, mountain lions, and also squirrels (ill rabbits)