Common Wombat

Common Wombat

Scientific Name Vombatus ursinus

Classification – Vombatus

Gender Names – Male – jack; Female – jill; Baby – joey

Collective Noun – Mob

Length/Size – 1-1.2m (39-47in)

Weight – 20-35kg (44-77lbs)

Top Speed – 40km/h (25mph)

Life Expectancy – 20-26 years; up to 30 in captivity

Mating Season  Any time of the year

Gestation Period – 20–30 days

Special Features  Hairy pouch and nose to nurse the young

Social Structure – Lives solitary life inside underground tunnels

Geographical Distribution – South to Southeast Australia

Natural Habitat – Diverse habitats including rainforest, woodland, alpine grassland, eucalyptus forest, and coastal areas

World Population – Varies between subspecies

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Grass, shrubs, roots

Predators – Dingo, Fox, Wild dogs