Sao Tome and Principe

Flag of Sao Tome and Principe


Sao Tome and Principe on world map

Continent – Africa

Region – Central Africa

Size – 964 km²

Geography – Volcanic, mountainous

Language – Portuguese, Forro, Cabo Verdian, French, English, Angolar

Religion – Catholic 55.7%, none 21.2%, other 24.1%

Monetary Unit – Sao Tome and Principe Dobra

Natural Resources – fish, hydropower

Agriculture – cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, copra, cinnamon, pepper, coffee, bananas, papayas, beans; poultry; fish

Industry – light construction, textiles, soap, beer, fish processing, timber

Map of Sao Tome and Principe

Neighbouring Countries – None

Population – 194,006 (2015 estimate)

Population Growth Rate – 1.84%

Average Life Expectancy – 64.58

Capital City – Sao Tome (population 71,000)

Highest Mountain – Pico de Sao Tome (2,025 m)

Longest River – Io Grande

Climate – tropical – 21°C to 30°C

Yearly Rainfall –  95cm (approx) mostly October – May


Plant Life – rainforest, woodland, begonias, orchids, ferns

Animal Life – Sao Tome shrew, bats, monkey, feral pig, frogs, Sao Tome Green Snake

Bird Life – Sao Tome short-tail, Sao Tome grosbeak and Dohrn’s thrush-babbler, Giant sunbird, dwarf olive ibis, maroon pigeon, Sao Tome green pigeon


Harvard Reference for this page:

Heather Y Wheeler. (2015). Sao Tome and Principe. Available: Last accessed Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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