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Continent – South America

Region – N/A

Size – 214,969km²

Geography – rolling highlands, low coastal plain, savanna in south

Language –  Guyanese, Creole

Religion -Hindu 28.4%, Pentecostal 16.9%, Roman Catholic 8.1%, Anglican 6.9%, Seventh Day Adventist 5%,       Methodist 1.7%, Jehovah Witness 1.1%, other Christian 17.7% Muslim 7.2%, other 4.3%, none 4.3%

    Monetary Unit -Guyanese dollar

    Natural Resources – bauxite, gold, diamonds, hardwood timber, shrimp, fish

Agriculture – sugarcane, rice, edible oils; shrimp, fish, beef, pork, poultry

Industry – bauxite, sugar, rice milling, timber, textiles, gold mining

Guyana Map

Neighbouring Countries – Brazil, Suriname, Venezuela

Population –  735,554 (2014 estimate)

Population Growth Rate – -0.11%

Average Life Expectancy67.81 years

Capital City – Georgetown (235,017)

Highest Mountain Mount Roraima (2,835m)

Longest River – Essequibo River (1010 km)

Climate -subtropical 27°C

Yearly Rainfall – 229cm (approx)

Plant Life – forests, with green-heart a major species and many  varieties of trees

Animal Life – locusts, moth borers, acoushi ants, bats and other small mammals

Bird Life– 675 different species


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Heather Y Wheeler. (2015). Guyana. Available: Last accessed Monday, July 18, 2016

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