South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

Continent – Sub-Antarctic

Region – Southern Atlantic Ocean

Size – 3,903 km2

Geography – A group of steep, rugged, and mountainous islands; the islands are permanently covered with snow and ice at higher altitudes

Language – English

Religion – Not applicable

Monetary Unit – Pound sterling (GBP)

Natural Resources – Fish

Agriculture – None

Industry – None

Neighboring Countries – None (island territory)

Population – 30

Population Growth Rate – Not applicable

Capital City – King Edward Point

Highest Mountain – Highest point: Mt. Paget (2934m) in South Georgia

Yearly Rainfall – Around 1500 mm in South Georgia

Plant Life – 26 species of vascular plants, grass, rushes, ferns, moss, lichens

Animal Life – No native land mammals

Bird Life – Albatross, penguins, petrels, shags, prions, gulls, skuas, terns, South Georgia shag, South Georgia pipit, South Georgia pintail

Aquatic Life – Seals, whales

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