French Guiana

Continent – South America

Region – North Atlantic coast of South America

Size – 83,534 km2

Geography – Consists of a coastal strip, dense rainforest, mountains

Language – French (official language)

Religion – Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion

Monetary Unit – Euro

Natural Resources – Bauxite, timber, gold (widely scattered), kaolin, cinnabar, fish

Agriculture – Corn, rice, manioc (tapioca), cocoa, vegetables, sugar, bananas, cattle, pigs, poultry

Industry – Construction, shrimp processing, rum, forestry products, gold mining

Neighboring Countries – Brazil, Suriname

Population – 250,109 (2013)

Population Growth Rate – 1.96%

Capital City – Cayenne (population 58,004)

Highest Mountain – Highest peak: Bellevue de l’Inini in Maripasoula (851m)

Yearly Rainfall – Around 3m (average) along the seashore and around 2.5 m in the interior

Plant Life – Consists of around 5,625 species of vascular plants

Animal Life – Jaguar, Bats, Bears, Cats, Deer, Dogs, Hyenas

Bird Life – 750 species including tinamous, grebes, albatrosses, ovenbirds, woodcreepers, antpittas, gnateaters, cotingas

Aquatic Life – Whales, dolphins, porpoises, manatees, dugongs

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