Continent- British overseas territory

Region – Territory lies in the North Atlantic Ocean

Size – 53.2km2

Geography – Consists of 181 islands

Language- English

Religion- 46.2% Protestant, 15.8% Anglican, 14.5% Roman Catholic; other common Christian faith include Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, Baptist; 1% Islam

Monetary Unit- Bermudian dollar (BMD)

Natural Resources- Limestone, petroleum, hydropower,

Agriculture- Bananas, vegetables, citrus, flowers, dairy products, honey

Industry- Tourism, International Business (mainly insurance)

Neighboring Countries – None (island territory)

Population – 64,237(2010 census)

Population Growth Rate- 0.4%

Average Life Expectancy – 79.29 years

Capital City – Hamilton

Highest Mountain – None (Highest elevation 76m)

Yearly Rainfall – 1522 mm (average)

Plant Life – Mangrove swamp, Bermuda cedar, Bermuda palmetto, Bermuda olivewood, white Stopper, snowberry, turnera

Animal Life- Bats, rats, feral cats, lizards,

Bird Life – Bermuda white-eyed vireo, white-tailed tropicbird or longtail, eastern bluebird, grey catbird, common ground dove, common moorhen, American coot, pied-billed grebe, common tern, green heron

Aquatic Life- Whales, dolphins and porpoises

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