Upland Chorus Frog

Upland Chorus Frog

Scientific Name – Pseudacris feriarum

Classification – Hylidae

Baby Name – Tadpole, polliwog

Collective Noun – Army, colony

Average Length – 0.75–1.5 in (1.9–3.8 cm)

Life Expectancy – Not known

Breeding Season – February to March

Incubation Period – 3 to 4 days

Metamorphosis Period – Around 2 months

Special Features – Color ranges from brown, gray-brown, or reddish-brown; marked white stripe running along the upper lip; a prominent dark stripe along the flanks

Family Unit – Not known

Geographical Distribution – United States

World Population – Unknown, but believed to exceed 1,00,000

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Swampy areas of broad valleys, moist woodlands, grassy swales, around densely vegetated ponds

Diet – Small insects and invertebrates

Predators – Not known