Striped Newt

Striped Newt

The Striped Newt is a species of American salamander that is aquatic in nature. They are so called because of the presence of red stripes running down the sides of their backs.

Scientific Name Notophthalmusperstriatus

Classification – Notophthalmus

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – eft

Collective Noun – Herd, congress

Length/Size – 2.12–4.12 in (5.4–10.5 cm)

Weight – 0.8 g (average)

Life Expectancy – years; up to 12.9in captivity

Mating Season  Late winter to early spring

Special Features  Having a poor sexual dimorphism, the male and the female look almost identical

Geographical Distribution – Southeastern United States, from southern Georgia to central Florida

Natural Habitat – Sandhills and well-drained pine flat-woods are their preferred inhabiting places

Conservation Status –Near Threatened

Diet – Insects, crustaceans, frog eggs, dragonfly larvae, small fishes

Predators – Turtles, snakes, birds, large frogs