Solomon Island Leaf Frog

Solomon Island Leaf Frog

Scientific Name – Ceratobatrachus guentheri

Classification – Ceratobatrachidae

Baby Name – Tadpole, polliwog

Collective Noun – Army, colony

Average Length – 7.6–10 cm (3–4 in)

Life Expectancy – Around 5 years

Breeding Season – Year round

Incubation Period – Around 1 month

Special Features – Devoid of the tadpole stage in the reproduction process as young emerges from eggs fully formed frog; coloration ranges from tan to yellow, orange, or lime green

Family Unit – Not known

Geographical Distribution – Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

World Population – Stable

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Rainforests of tropical lowland and montane forests

Diet – Insects, arthropods, smaller amphibians

Predators – Birds, mammals, snakes, fish