Red Salamander

Red Salamander

Scientific Name – Pseudotriton ruber

Classification – Plethodontidae

Baby Name – Efts

Collective Noun – Congress, band or maelstrom

Average Length – 4–8 in (10–20 cm)

Life Expectancy – 20.1 years in captivity

Mating Season – Year round

Incubation Period – 2 to 3 months

Special Features – Devoid of lungs as it breathe through the skin and the lining of the mouth

Family Unit – Males are not aggressive towards each other during the breeding season

Geographical Distribution – United States

World Population – Unknown

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Temperate forests, small creeks, ponds, temperate shrubland, rivers

Diet – Earthworms, insects, spiders; sometimes small salamanders

Predators – Birds, skunks, raccoons